My name is Lisa and I started this blog to help struggling network marketers who want more of the time freedom they were promised when they joined their companies.  

I will do this by sharing my online business building journey and what I am learning along the way.  There is a way to be successful in a home based business without having to spend hours driving to hotel meetings, without begging friends and family to host home parties where almost no one shows up and those who do don’t buy anything, or without buying booth space at a vendor show to spend the whole weekend there and no one talks to you anyway.  I have tried these and other old school methods of business building and they are not for me and I suspect that since you are here you would prefer not to do them either.

My work experience is pretty varied.  I had a short stint in the corporate world and I had also bought into a home based franchise tutoring business after I was let go from my corporate job. The franchise tutoring business also wanted us to build our business in ways similar to old school prospecting, including cold calling and contacting anyone with a pulse who had kids in school or knew someone who did. That is not my thing and I wish at that time I had access to the methods of business building that I am learning now. I am not against old school prospecting and recruiting methods. I know they work well for many people who are good at them and enjoy doing those things. 

I am married to a wonderful man who is very supportive of my journey! We are looking forward to him being able to retire in the next couple of years. We enjoy spending time together and want to see more of the United States on longer vacations.  One of our dreams is to travel across the country by train.  With this business I am also able to be available for my parents who are in their 80s and are still pretty active but need help here and there with doing stuff around their home. 

 I enjoy reading, knitting and crocheting and watching crime dramas on TV. Our DVR is full of shows like Law and Order S.V.U., Chicago PD, etc.  So when I am taking a break from working on my business those are my indulgences. The knitting and crocheting I can do while watching TV.